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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all our games, such as Duel Otters. It describes how I used your data in a very down-to-earth wording. I promise I won't use difficult langauges to mask ugly truth. They are very to the point.

Game analytics

Analytics collected are actions you taken in the game. Such as a sequence of which scene or which mode you entered. The purpose is to understand usage pattern and fix usability problems. There is no personal data collected.


There is no need to turn on the Location Service in the game. The server may identify your country or continent purely from IP address of your internet provider. As such it maybe inaccurate, but this way it is the most respectful to your privacy. You may had experience this before in a website that identify your IP address, they are able to roughly estimate your location.

The purpose is for game-related analytics, and to provide game functions such as by-country or by-continent scoreboards. These data cannot identify you personally.

ID system and your e-mail address

The game automatically back up your save file in order to make it possible to restore them on unfortunate circumstances such as device loss or other data failure on your device. The game initially uploads to an anonymous account tied to a temporary data placed in the device.

But in order to take the data of your ID back later when the device was re-intialized (wiped out) or on your other devices, the game optionally allow you to register an e-mail address and a custom password to truly take ownership of your save data. By logging in, you can now retrieve your save data or back up your save data on-demand. This service is provided for free.

The e-mail address will only be used as your ID to login and to send e-mail related to resolving problems of your save data. (Such as forgot password, which we will use the e-mail to solve the problem.) We promised to keep your ID secure.

The passwords are one way hashed so that the system do not ever know the original plain text of your password. It is only possible to reset password in the case of forgotten password.

Device address

Device address or as known as MAC address is collected to help identify the owner of save data in the case of lost save data while not registered with the ID system yet. By a per-request basis we maybe able to provide data restoration support for you in such difficult case.

Customizable name

Tied with the ID system is your in-game name. You can name yourself anything and it won't be used to identify you. The game will not ever ask for your real name.

That's it! Enjoy the games!

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