Hi, my name is 5argon.

It's my dream to make my own music games and I have been doing it for about 2 years. Now that it is a bit more close to release I have thought about doing a small public music submission..!

I have created a TwiPla before 「ゲームプレイの画像とかはまだ見たこともないの不思議な音ゲー公募 (締め切り編集)」. It said a mystery submission even without knowing anything about the game, but now I have created a gameplay video so I will now close the TwiPla and continue from here. Thank you for those initially interested in the game!

What kind of music game? What is the business model?

I believe there are some people that want to know about this before making a decision to submit so I will explain frankly. This game is for iOS/Android. You can obtain and play it for free, however by purchasing the full version it will unlock full potential of the game. The game will unlock songs based on story progression.

I like classic music games, so outside of some online functions planned, the game can be enjoyed completely offline. I also planned to release a purchasable music packs later. (Roughly, the game's model is like Cytus, Deemo, Dynamix or Lanota) No gacha system.

Submission Conditions


1st April 2017, 23:59 (your local time)

Thank you! Let's make a music game together! - 5argon