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Demo (*old, will update to version 3.0 soon)

Let's see how well it performs by yourself

Introloop demo

A column of white buttons on the right represents Play method on various IntroloopAudio, each with possibly different settings in it. I have provided 6 short songs and 1 longer song for you to test. (Song with A is meant to be followed by song with B.) Dark panel on the left provides some debug informations. Remember that 1 IntroloopPlayer = 2 IntroloopTrack = 4 AudioSource

Checking Use Fade will change Play to PlayFade on button push, with fadeTimeSeconds argument adjustable with slider. You can test the transition between different playback mode with and without fades. Colored button does what it says.

If you are not using touch device, you can also press letters in the bracket on your keyboard to activate button. Feel free to mash and stress test Introloop!

PC, macOS (OSX)

Windows (13.8 MB)
macOS (31.7 MB)


Introloop demo on Android

If you have developed games on Android you might know that audio on Android always lag by a certain amount, and is no exeption for Introloop. You will notice a bit of delay after pressing button.

Download APK (23.5 MB)

Transfer the APK to your Android device, then use a program like ES File Explorer on your phone to find your APK and execute it to install. It will says something about needed permission to read your phone's identity which clearly Introloop could not do, I wonder why that permission requirement is in the APK when I build but please ignore it.


Introloop demo on iOS

Download an XCode project (122.3 MB)

Good news! The latest XCode and iOS together allows those without Apple Developer Program subscription to build anything onto their device for free. (However for the real store you still need to pay per year as usual.) So download the XCode project, connect your device, and then hit the play button.

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