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Hi, I am a creator and director of Duel Otters project. I also responsible for programming the game, background music, sound effects, character animation, green otter's voice, animated promotional video and this website you are reading right now. Thanks for your interest!

Nowadays we gamers live in the exciting age of mobile phones where games are always with us in our little screen. With always-on internet, all the social features are designed into the game so we can play and interact with distant friends.

However, I find this saddening as we rarely play games together 'side-by-side' now like in the old console days. But the time can't be reversed and mobile phone will continue to grow more and more. No offense on the current trend but the aforementioned social features is far from the word 'playing together' I knew and loved. I missed that feeling.

So I thought of an idea. Make a mobile game that you can play together head-to-head with your friend instantly. The game must be easy to understand with minimal learning curve so everyone can join in easily and quickly. It's like you always have the 'console' and two controllers with you, ready to be played anytime!

Thus, the Duel Otters project was born. The head-to-head (literally) dueling game with wide variety of crazy missions all carefully designed to look OK from both sides. The funny character animation and comic-style mischief presented in the game pay homage to good old TV shows I always loved when was a child.

This though, is far from the ideal end of Duel Otters project. As seen in the game, there are more planned games to be release. My final goal of this project is to be the first game everyone will thought off if they wanted some 'mutual' fun and laughter on mobile device. I will try to release this game to as many devices as possible, as long as it has a touch screen and hopefully, this app can someday became a classic go-to 2-player game.

To archieve this goal, Duel Otters needs more number of games.

The current number is quite low because I opt to make satisfying and detailed games rather than making many games with little replay value in the first version. You will see the personality and theme of each game including character animations, music, sound effects and every little detail on background props that dance and move to events. That is where I decide out effort should goes to.

Now that the system and foundation of this game has been laid, we can now focus on making more games for Duel Otters. The design of many games that is to come has already been done. You will be surprised!

Every downloads from player like you will directly push this project towards aforementioned goal. I will make sure this project will grow into a precious little gem that worth keeping in your device.

In an instant you start the match with your friend on the other side of your phone, I hope both of you have a blast together!

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